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Cause my friend Kayleigh moved to Seattle, and I'm still Texas.
1 September 12

Its 4:15am. I just had a dream in which I was driving alone to the beach ( not sure which one, but apparently there were Olympic games going on ) I got lost ( of course ) and asked these two girls if I could follow them… They make a stop somewhere first, near the beach (apparently i was trying to get to a particular place on the beach ) I follow them. After what seems a while we head back to our cars, (we parked adjacent to each other.) We pass a guy on the street who looked like he had been passed out, but was waking up. I said “let’s walk faster ladies” so we do, but my knees start to hurt so I can’t run very fast… I get my keys out and push the “unlock” button (clearly I’m not driving ‘Sammy’, but more of an SUV type car ) the door swings open for me. I jump in and reach to close the door and all of a sudden there is a different man, with a older kid that won’t let me close my door. Older man has a grey trash bag in his hand. We fight for the door as I’m trying to close it, he’s trying to keep it open. All of a sudden one of the girls comes to help me. I look over at the kid, and now he has like a scary monster face! I scream! But I startled myself so much I woke up.

9 August 12

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15 June 12

Dan Grissom from Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon on Vimeo.


“One Thing”, Dan Grissom

Maybe the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard.  

Aaaaand I’m manually repeating this all day.

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7 May 12

Dearest Kayleigh,

Do you still Tumble?

Do you even read this?

Do you remember me?

Are we still friends?

Aren’t you coming to Texas soon?

Will I get to see you?

Are these too many questions?

15 February 12
Yeah. 2012 is the year of ballz.



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10 February 12

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1 February 12
  • ME: Michael, come sit HERE. PLEASE. {there was an empty seat next to me, and Mr.D was at the salad bar}
  • Michael: Yeah, okay...hold on
  • : :Michael exits the dining hall and enters the kitchen::
  • Rosa: I don't think he's coming back
  • : :Mr.D is walking towards us::
  • : :EVERYONE at the table starts smiling, sheepishly::
  • {there's an empty seat between Brian and I}
  • Mr.D: Is there anyone sitting here?
  • : :I start to sweat::
  • Brian: ::smiles:: "This chair is waiting for you John" ::Looks at me and chuckles inwardly::
  • John: oh good
  • : :the table is silent::
  • Mr.D: ::looks over to me::
  • Me: :: I smile nervously:: "h..hhh..hhiii sir"
  • Mr.D: Hello Cio, you look Radiant today
  • Me: ::Long pause:: "ummmmmm....Thank you sir?"
  • Mr.D: ::Smiles:: "You're welcome."
  • {everyone at the table giggling among themselves}
  • Why am I so terrified of my boss?? So much so i break out in a sweat. GEESH
  • Also: Lets note the fact that he said i looked Radiant...that might be almost equivalent to getting another jewel on my crown or something.
30 January 12

Went to visit Mo and the girls tonight…I taught little Reagan 1-10 in Spanish! (we did it several times after this…) she’s so cute!

19 January 12

Seinfeld in real life

The Seinfeld episode “The Calzone”, where Jerry dates that women who gets whatever she wants, and Kramer only puts on clothes that are straight out of the dryer. Elaine is going out with someone who using a dating loophole (Todd Gack)

(CC:Me…i think)

[I MAY or may not be watching too much Seinfeld hahhaha]

12 January 12


I was at a carnival/state fair, chilly evening. I was walking with Nicole and Stephanie. I started seeing a few people that I work with, around there.

We didn’t hang out or anything, just a “Hey! How are you?!” as we walked by. Nicole was playing one of those ‘throw the ring on the bottle’ games, so steph and I waited. Suddenly Boy K walks up.

"hey Cio!" He says, and I got startled. "Oh Hi, Boy K!", He started talking about work but i interrupted him. "Boy K, I’m off the clock. Lets not talk about work". Boy k said, "You’re right…" but didn’t leave. He ended up "hanging out" with us for a long while. Which I didn’t REALLY MIND. : )

We were all waiting in line for the ‘Tilt-a-whirl’ {which now that I think of it Stephanie shouldn’t have been riding ANYTHING lol} While we were waiting in line Boy B walks up. I said “Oh HI boy B!!” ::nervously::. Boy B says hello. “You remember Boy K from work?…” I continued. Boy B says “Yes I do. Yes.I.Do.”

All of a sudden, Stephanie starts laughing nervously {i think she could sense how awkward this was for me} Boy B starts walking away…Steph’s laughter turns into tears. She starts crying. The kind of crying that’s uncontrollable, and nearly not audible. {See also:Congo crying} From what I could hear she was saying something like “Omghe’sgoingtobesomadatyou…whatifhenevertalkstoyouagain”…etc etc…

Boy K looks over at Steph, and says to me, “um.Is she okay?” I looked at him and said “I ummm….IIII don’t really know?” ::shurg::, She wouldn’t stop crying. He said “umm, i’m going to go for a while…” As he walked away I thought in my head “ohh nooo! come back!!” A few moments later Boy B comes back by. He stops to talk to me. Steph,still crying, beings to say “seeeeeehewasmad…” I give her the ‘side eye’. Boy B {after 2 mins or so} says “um. is SHE okay??” I said. “umm. I don’t really know? She’s been crying for a while.” Boy B says “oh. I’m going to go for a while…” I said “No wait!” but he didn’t hear me.

I turn to Steph “OMG STOP CRYING!!!!!!! THIS IS WHY I WILL NEVER BE MARRIED!! GAH!!!” Naturally, it made her cry more, as though that were even possible. Nicole finally chimes in and says “um. She’d stop crying, if you stop YELLING.AT.HER” I gave Nicole the Squinny eye because she had no idea that IIIIII didn’t MAKE her cry in the first place.

I let out a big sigh and plopped myself on the steps on the Tilt-a-whirl. Suddenly, the Carnie guy says “Okay, Who’s Next?!”

That’s when I woke up.


Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh